1 Data Halls

Calle 11 #318, Santa Gertrudis Copo, Col. Montebello CP 97130 Merida, Yucatan.

Coordinates: (21°2'10.3"N, 89°35'42.3"W)



ISO High Cube 40” Container, White Floor of 21 m2 Ballistic Resistance Level 4 in accordance with UL752.

Electric capacity

Modular 60 kW UPS, which have sufficient capacity to provide uninterrupted power to all installed equipment together. It has an advanced battery monitoring system.
or all the installed equipment.  It also has an advanced system for battery monitoring.  


N in all electrical equipment, with a 135 kW emergency electric generator, with a diesel reserve providing autonomy of 1.5 days, 3 CRACs in N+1, for each location.


Screenshot 2023-11-29 141102

Check out our spec sheet and discover the technical specifications of Mex|1.

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