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We are committed to environmental protection, the constant improvement of KIO collaborators’ (KIOs) workplace satisfaction, the technological advancement of society and to our reliable system of governance.


We use technology to reduce the impact that our operations have on the environment

We take measures that promote the reduction of emissions and we encourage the use of renewable energy.

We have the backing of certifications with one common objective: to operate in an environmentally friendly manner to the benefit of future generations.

Furthermore, we take procedures in order to improve the sustainability of our Data Centers using Artificial Intelligence to better manage our infrastructure and generate considerable energy savings.


Technology to improve everyday life in our society.

Our experience of the Human Side of Technology

Technology makes well-being possible: we create flexible technological solutions with a focus on innovation, commitment and human sentiment to the benefit of people.

Our collaborators, the KIOs, are the essence of everything we do: we act in favor of development, health and safety, so that it translates into well-being for all the people that make up our family.

We push for diversity and equality on our teams; we want women to grow in the technology industry, creating a workplace without labels and free of biases.

Through the KIO volunteering program, we bring together the energy to benefit society, supporting access to opportunities and inclusion looking towards a digital world. All this, whilst always being conscious about the importance of sustainability, innovation, empathy and solidarity.


We use technology to improve our corporate governance

Our practices are aligned with our Code of Ethics and our company’s policies regarding conduct are constantly conveyed through the use of various instruments, campaigns and courses; our goal is that all our collaborators be aware of the policies, can refer to them at any time and comply with what has been established.

We are aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Our ESG certifications

  • ISO 14001

    Ensures that we have efficient environmental management.

  • LEED

    Confirms that the buildings at our sites are sustainable spaces.


    International certification: Certified Energy Efficiency in Data Centres Award.

  • Socially Responsible Company

    Certification that endorses the company’s quality of life and environmental protection.