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We can build the ideal Cloud for your company

We implement and accelerate the private, hybrid or public Cloud infrastructure that allows you to achieve your business objectives in a fluid and cost efficient way.

Diversity of suppliers

We work with the most important Clouds

Success case

KIO has been an essential ally in the preparation and administration of the infrastructure that supports the SAP environments of Fly Across, guaranteeing continuous operation.

Juan Manuel SaldañaDirector of Fly Across Systems

Ebook “The Cloud industry in Mexico”

In the following ebook we present the Cloud landscape, the main players and how companies can take advantage of the benefits of this technology.

Adoption and migration

Reduce implementation time by up to 80%

Certified specialists present various solutions to guide you in the most effective, fast and adaptable way for your company to take advantage of the benefits of the public, private or hybrid Cloud.
Cloud Data Migration
Your databases will be more agile, and will follow a pay-per-use model.

Administration and optimization

Increase cost efficiency and improve the performance of your cloud

Lower consumption costs, improve user experience and reduce the time to market and launch of applications with these services and solutions.

Service Desk

Certified specialists serve as an extension of your company.

Computer and Network Managed Services

Minimize technical risks, reduce your payroll expenses and streamline IT.

Data Management

Save time and optimize your investment with services.

SAP/HANA Management Services

Specialists able to operate any SAP/HANA system and enhance your investment.

Kubernetes Managed Services

Achieves fast and secure deployment through the ideal container orchestration for running mission-critical applications.

Cloud Solutions

Technology and expertise to scale your Cloud infrastructure

Hybrid Cloud /

Connect IT resources using a private network; move workloads between different environments or clouds.

Edge Compute

Speed up the response time of your applications and improve the user experience.

Kubernetes (KaaS)

Develop and iterate applications without interrupting your productive services.

Kloud Power

Infrastructure as a service on Power processors for Linux, IBMi/AS400 and AIX environments.


Easy integration of mission-critical business technology solutions.

Cloud Storage

Scalable, flexible and secure storage for your information.

Cloud Networking

Significantly increase the flexibility and capacity of your networks.

Cloud Monitoring

Detect anomalies and resolve them before they affect business performance.


A disaster recovery plan so your operations are never interrupted.


Back up your data without investing in hardware or expensive infrastructure.

Google Workspace

Remote implementation and configuration of productivity and collaboration platforms.

Digital Workspace

Virtual desktops based on available, flexible, scalable and secure infrastructure.

Public Cloud

Migrate workloads to the public Cloud with operational excellence and under best practices.