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Reduce risk and speed up your digital transformation

Intelligent solutions to protect your data and the integrity of your assets from the most sophisticated threats.

Cybersecure Solutions

An effective combination of human talent, certifications and technology

Alliances with manufacturers who are leaders in cybersecurity

Technology platform integration

Certified and standardized processes

Use of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data

Assess the maturity of your company in terms of cybersecurity

A Cybersecurity Assessment is the first step towards identifying and rectifying gaps in security and vulnerabilities that could threaten the continuity of your business. Take that step now, with the help of a KIO specialist.

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specialists in computer security


technicians specializing in dimensioning


professionals focusing on cybersecurity and risk compliance

Think about business, not cyber threats

We have certified specialists

A team prepared to help your company save time and resources while maintaining its operational continuity and boosting its growth.

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KIO CyberSOC: global innovation

Monitoring of all your organization’s networks, each and every second

Specialized professionals, certifications and Artificial Intelligence to identify and detect vulnerabilities, with the goal of a timely response to any threat 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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Maximum value for your investment

You’ll get a team that is certified and has experience in handling of cutting-edge technology. We help IT and Security leaders strengthen their cybersecurity strategy in fintech, banking, government and other industries.

We understand and strengthen your cybersecurity strategy at three key levels

  • Preventive Security
  • Active Security
  • Proactive Security

We act before cyber threats become problems

Having an ally like this, like KIO Networks, has taught us that this can be achieved. And that as an institution we can access more quickly to information that is vital.

Jose Antonio Monroy
General Director of the Mexican Red Cross

know the ecosystem
Preventive Security

We act before cyber threats become problems

We deliver a strategy for personalized and effective security to handle any risk.

  • Expert guidance to keep you in compliance with cybersecurity standards.
  • Implementation of personalized controls and security strategies.
  • Diagnostic tests to identify cyber vulnerabilities.
  • We replicate one (or several) real attack scenario(s), and identify vulnerabilities in your organization.

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Active Security
Proactive Security


We operate with the following international standards