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Boost Your Digital Evolution

Optimize, encourage growth, and make your business stronger with innovative digital architectures that are designed and operated by specialists.

Adapt to the future

Get ahead in the digital world

The Digital Evolution of your company is a must to meet your customer's expectations and to gain access to new markets.

Strengthen your company with DX


Improve your processes withHyperautomation
(AI + Automation)


Do business more efficiently


Perfect the user experience with smart apps

Specialized Consulting

We are with you from start to finish

By using a design-build-run model, we provide you with strategic advice, and in only 12 weeks we will come up with an executable plan for the next three years for your business.

What do you get with our initial diagnostic?

Assessment of your digital maturity

Level of priority for each initiative

Design of an achievable roadmap

Appraisal of your investments

Reduction in implementation costs

At any point

Reinvent your company

Focus on your business while our specialists take care of your IT platforms, in line with your level of digital maturity:

You haven't begun your Digital Transformation?


Increase your revenue and reduce costs

Is your company in the first stages of digitalization?


Focus on your clients and create new markets

Are you looking to reinforce the digitalization of your company?


Ensure the continuity of your business and regulatory compliance/oversight

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We combine Artificial Intelligence and RPA to offer you Hyperautomation, so that you can reduce costs, work more efficiently and avoid errors in your organization.

in productivity

savings using the Cloud

when using automation


Power your business with e-commerce, urban management, business/risk maps, Digital Service Desk and other cutting-edge solutions.


process services

Client to the center

with unique experiences


with new applications

Be Resilient

Our comprehensive approach to business applications ensures the continuity of your company, while keeping it at an optimal level of compliance.

increase in availability

reduction in incidents

continuous days of operation


Unleash the power of automation

Improve your business processes with Robotic Process Automation (RPA)—free your staff from repetitive tasks so that you can assign them more strategic work. User Manual


Predict incidents with AI

An Artificial Intelligence system that works in real time to anticipate events that can affect your critical processes, helping you make better decisions. User Manual

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"Our ambulances now have GPS: we know exactly where they are, how much fuel they use, and how fast they travel. There is complete oversight of all our units nationwide. If it weren't for a Socially Responsible Company like KIO, we wouldn't have a platform. It's a win-win situation for us."

Fernando Suinaga
President of the Mexican Red Cross


We operate with the following international standards

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