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Interconnect with powerful companies

Take your company to the ecosystem where the leading brands live and grow exponentially, securely and at a lower cost.

Benefits of an ecosystem.

Create new business partnerships and strengthen your company through local interconnections and services with other KIO affiliates, and gain access to:

Low Latency

Connect locally and reduce distances while your services gain speed and user experience improves.

Lower cost TCO

Compared to external traditional telco circuits, local interconnections are more cost-effective and decrease latency.


Products that allow you to interconnect efficiently.

Diversity and neutrality

Connect with new business opportunities

Discover how KIO's ecosystem is built.

Interconnection solutions



KIO Data Centers interconnection service. Critical data transport service with high level redundancy and a historical service level of 100% availability.


Dedicated Internet Access for clients hosted at a KIO DC.


Cross connect

Connect your infrastructure with other businesses inside KIO Data Center. Private, secure and high speed connections using copper or fiber-optic dedicated cabling.

Intra Connect

Connect all your locations at KIO Data Center with dedicaded cabling products.

Site Entry

Access and authorization to receive Dark Fiber at a KIO Data Center.

Extended Cross Connect

Connectivity between KIO Data Centers within a 1 KM Radius.. Transmission of large ammounts of data, with a 100% dedicated pasive fiber optic connection.

Interconnection solutions


Data Center Innterconect

Increase your service potential by connecting your racks or cages within the Data Center.


Right of way to receive Fiber from an External Plant FEP on the point of demarcation. From this point, fibers are added in connection blocks with twenty-four bundled strands to the customer's location within the Data Center.

Cross connect

Accelerate your transformation with Dark Fiber between the different Data Centers. At the moment, this service is available immediately between MEXI1 and MEXI2 Data Centers.

Intra Connect

Local points of access to the public Cloud. For more details about Microsoft Azure Express Route and Google Cloud.

Site Entry

Companies and institutions interchange internet traffic between networks through ports and interconnections to the platform.

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and discover the savings and benefits of interconnections with other KIO companies.

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