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Solutions to take you further

Team up with our certified specialists and implement the appropriate infrastructure and processes in your company to guarantee that your business is never interrupted.

Managed Services

IT assets 100% available

Minimize technical risks and reduce your payroll expenses with business operations that are much more timely, agile and secure.
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Support of Qualified Experts

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Profitable, On-demand Services

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Predictable IT Costs

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Total Control of Processes

Intelligent Automation

Improve your services

Our Managed Services have a platform that aims to proactively streamline and improve operational services through Automation and Artificial Intelligence, increasing availability, averting incidents, automatically resolving errors and reducing costs.


Ensures quality

  • Large-scale service delivery
  • Reduced operational risks
  • Cognitive processes

Increases speed

  • 100% automatic ticket flow
  • Proactive remediation
  • Improvement in delivery times

Increases customer satisfaction

  • Extends human capabilities
  • Delegates repetitive tasks
  • Reduces incidents


Highly-valued services

KIO Managed Services solutions have the most significant certifications in the industry to provide you with the service you deserve.

ISO-IEC27001 (1)-1
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Service Desk

We are your 24/7 ally

Keep your business's mission-critical operations running with technical support from certified specialists.

Dedicated Service

Centralized technical support tailored to your needs

Global Service

Reduce incidents with omnichannel service

Managed Services
for Monitoring

Control your information and anticipate problems

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Data Management

Your data always at your fingertips

Reduce costs and risks by leaving the storage and processing of your most valuable data in the hands of trained personnel.

Storage Management

Management of any storage volume

Backup Management

Backup management for public and private sectors

Database Management

Operation, management and monitoring by specialists

Computer Administration

Optimize your infrastructure

Assign more strategic tasks to your IT team, while our specialists manage your processing platforms.

Operating Systems Administration

Guarantees that it is available, up-to-date and secure


Virtual infrastructure to guarantee the availability of your applications with automated tools.

Smart Application Management

Applications with total availability

Connect your entire application ecosystem and increase its availability to 100% with this comprehensive model that includes installation and adjustment of all components.

SAP Administration

Total management of SAP/HANA

Our Basis specialists are highly skilled in installing, maintaining and updating SAP systems, thereby guaranteeing the stability of your operations.
Application Management
Guarantees that it is available, up-to-date and secure

Network Administration

Prepare for the future

Optimize your communication networks to guarantee the availability of your applications and obtain better response times.

Managed Network Services

Stop spending on training and/or hiring specialized personnel

Interconnection Services Administration

Single point of contact for incident management with multiple providers

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On top Cloud Services

Cloud Computing tailored to your needs

Management of all your Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud services: from maintenance and monitoring, to security and support.

Service Desk

Technical support from certified specialists that are always available.

Database Management Services

Operation, management and monitoring by specialists

Managed Computing Services

Assign more strategic tasks to your IT team, while our experts manage your processing platforms.

Managed Network Services

Stop spending on training and/or hiring specialized personnel.

Kubernetes Managed Services

The best container management with certified experts

Management for Kubernetes

The best container management

Achieve fast and secure deployment through the ideal container orchestration for running mission-critical applications.