SAP / HANA Cloud

You don't have to worry about the administration and operation of your platform.

Get the benefits and speed of SAP in the Cloud

We deliver mission-critical technology solutions for SAP/HANA, tailored to your needs. As part of our offering, we include Intel or Power processing platforms for applications that require a high level of performance and availability in order to meet their requirements.

  • Platforms with Intel or Power processing for high performance and high availability applications.
  • Specialized designs and optimizations to meet SAP/HANA requirements.

Ebook: “The Cloud industry in Mexico”

In the following ebook we present the Cloud landscape, the main players and how companies can take advantage of the benefits of this technology.

Focused on your goals
You concentrate on the results, we'll concentrate on the technology
SAP Management Services
Enhance your investment with specialists able to operate any SAP/HANA system.
Hybrid Cloud / Multicloud
Connect IT resources using a private network; move workloads between different environments or Clouds.


Articles, news and best practices to keep you up to date on technology and innovation.

  • KIO BOG1: The new KIO Data Center in Colombia inaugurates our presence in South America, strengthening our technological leadership in Latin America.

  • KIO Bogotá 1: We're proud to be part of the digital revolution in Colombia and South America, continuously leading in technology

  • KIO is building a digital city in the El Marqués industrial park, mega campus for Data Centers.

  • Find out how a Data Center with a great diversity of companies allows you to create faster services and a better experience for your users.

  • We are the first company in the world with this certification! This corresponds not to an individual Data Center, but rather to the entire network, guaranteeing the quality of our infrastructure.

  • In the face of the pandemic, we had to be resilient and supportive in order to maintain business continuity and to support the well-being of our collaborators.

  • The Cloud has an immediate impact on companies: it eliminates the initial investment in RPA, AI and Machine Learning technologies.