A Technology company that offers services such as connectivity, Cloud and Managed services to the region.

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A Technology company that offers services such as connectivity, Cloud and Managed services to the region.

Services and solutions


Dedicated Internet

High speed connection which offers exclusive access to an organization or an end user, guaranteeing stable and reliable performance to the companies that require a faster and better connection.

  • Guaranteed bandwidth
  • Less Latency
  • High availability
  • Direct connectivity to media content servers

Data Links

A connection that enables information transfer between devices within a computer network, facilitating the communication between the network nodes.

  • High speed Data Transfer
  • Information security
  • Private connections


A solution that allows to manage and control all the components of a network in a centralized way.

  • Network Data traffic optimization
  • Advanced security with new generation hardware
  • Operation automatization


It is a security solution based on the simple idea of not trusting a user or a device in an automatic way, even if they are within a corporate network. This is possible by dynamic authentication and authorization access through factors like the user and device identity and the connection context.

  • Threat risk reduction
  • Facilitates remote work and mobility


Cloud Storage

It is a cloud service that provides to the company a virtual and secure space to store, share, and access your enterprise data.

  • Compatible with multiple operating systems.
  • An scheduled and automatic backup.
  • Access to a web panel to control and download stored data.

Cloud Server

It is a cloud service that offers the capacity of storing and managing applications, data, and computational resources in a remote server.

  • Automatic upgrades.
  • Remote access.
  • Backup and Data recovery.

Cloud PBX

A service that transfers functionality from a traditional telephone central to a cloud environment, allowing communication between voice devices in an efficient way.

  • A more efficient and secure communication within the company.
  • Available phone terminals from any device anytime.
  • Less technical dependence.


Wifi as a Service (aaS)

A Wireless internet connection to manage WIFI networks in your office 365 days a year, 24x7 from the Management Center.

  • Easy to manage and control.
  • Continuous updates.

Firewall as a Service (aaS)

A security solution based on the Cloud, which brings the protection of a traditional firewall through the internet without the need of a dedicated device.

  • Protection against digital threats.
  • Activities monitoring in real time.
  • Access control, allowing the whole corporate data integrity.

Electronic Invoicing

It is a digital document that acknowledges a commercial transaction between two parties; a seller and a buyer.

  • Reduces time and costs associated with an invoice issuing process, and the storage of paper invoices.
  • Protects the information from frauds and alterations by electronic signatures and other security mechanisms.
  • Facilitates the way you can review and keep track of an issued or received invoice.

Microsoft 365

A productivity suite based on a Microsoft subscription which includes desktop apps, cloud services, security, and corporate intelligence.

  • Access from any place.
  • Collaborative work in real time.
  • Cloud storage.

SAP Business One

An integrated solution that provides the whole picture of your business and a total control over any aspect related to the operation of a company.

  • An efficient management of inventories.
  • Accounting and finance management.
  • Process automatization.
  • Project Management.