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Mexican Red Cross

Technology that lets you act immediately to save human lives.

In Brief

Through the implementation of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, the Mexican Red Cross now has accurate and timely information available to improve its decision making.

This absolute control over their processes, in addition to saving on costs, allowed them to take advantage of the time that was previously used for administrative management to provide better care for Mexicans.

The Results

An institution with orchestrated processes for protecting the health of Mexicans.

  • Improved care.
  • Greater coverage for their services.
  • Standardization and integration of processes and technological tools throughout the institution.
  • Integration of the technological and process environment.
  • Efficiency in the administrative process.
  • Operational discipline.
  • Support in the establishment of responsibilities.
  • Accurate and timely information.
  • Cost savings.
  • Economies of scale.
  • Centralized information that benefits the administrative areas and the National Headquarters.
  • Flawless monitoring with a wide view of information.
  • Global virtual platform where Mexico leads in the training of volunteers and has saved more than 50 million pesos.
  • Ambulances with GPS with complete monitoring of all units nationwide.

Success Metrics

Fully consolidated information on more than


Savings of more than


through technology.

“We are an institution that has been able to evolve. In the past, we would lose very valuable minutes while we processed data. And those minutes meant human lives.”

National Coordinator of Programs and Projects at the Mexican Red Cross


An institution committed to giving prompt responses and always being available

In different boroughs across the country, the Mexican Red Cross used different systems for administration, which caused operational complexities in administrative management, as well as certain difficulties in consolidating the results for the National Headquarters.

The Challenge

To automate and streamline its processes without losing a single piece of data

There was a great variation in the Information Technologies that the institution had available and took advantage of, but there were still a significant number of processes that were carried out manually, which meant that a lot of very valuable time was wasted.

One of the most important obstacles that KIO faced in the implementation of its ERP was consolidating the information of more than 550 boroughs, due to the time needed for purging, complementing and structuring its data for incorporation into the system.

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La Solucion

Technology that is easily implemented and does not require a large initial investment

Implementation of ERP under a Software as a Service (SaaS) scheme with easy access and without requiring a large investment in infrastructure.

Incorporation of FacE Suite for the efficient management of electronic invoicing for the entire institution with a reduction in the number of human errors

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