Onest Logistics

Predicts cyberattacks with the power of Artificial Intelligence


Using an Artificial Intelligence-based tool that detects anomalies, Onest Logistics discovers issues before they disrupt their logistics operations along the supply chain.

A solution that gave them complete visibility of any cybersecurity risk events, both in the application infrastructure and on users' computers, with the aim of reducing the number of incidents.

Success Metrics

Anti-virus and IPS events


on infected computers

Firewall analysis time


and it's done automatically

"I can concentrate on other activities with the confidence that my computer systems are protected and, if something happens, I know that I will receive notification on my mobile.

Yael López, Computer Security Manager at Onest Logistics


A 3PL logistics operator renowned for providing comprehensive services

The use of information and communications technology to perform critical functions in the logistics industry brought along new aspects of risk that need to be managed. Under these circumstances, Onest Logistics sought a solution that would give it full visibility of cybersecurity risk events with the aim of reducing the number of incidents, as well as the impact on applications and users.

The Challenge

Learn about the operations in detail as well as the degree of customization

Develop a description of the processes and understand the role of employees and managers in each likely circumstance. Together with data communication, there is the option to block them and send information, through a secure connection. There is as well customization of indicators, alerts, creation of a prediction model, dashboards, design of custom display interfaces, executive reports and the possibility of choosing execution dates.

The Solution

Identifies anomalies quickly and puts you one step ahead of the attackers

A service provider that offers everything from consulting and project sizing, to expert support and state-of-the-art technology under an As a Service plan.

Prophecy allows them to connect the operations logs of all of their firewalls, whether for corporate offices or warehouses, to detect problems before they impact the client experience and to resolve them as soon as possible.

With Artificial Intelligence, you can prevent errors and avoid calls from furious clients. Prophecy is a great ally at the service of your business.

The Results

  • Software costs were reduced by 30%.
  • Previously, the process of reporting functions took at least 3 days and dedicated staff; it is now part of the solution and can be carried out whenever it is needed.
  • Onest Logistics sees Prophecy as its automated SOC, as it is backed by a team of certified specialists.
  • Now the company has indicators for applications, users, protocols, VPNs, email, vulnerabilities, IPS and anti-viruses, as well as for the functionalities of IoC Alerts based on operating rules and VPN crash prediction alerts.
  • Today Onest Logistics has in Prophecy a differentiator in the delivery of services to its clients, which contributes to a safer and more efficient movement of goods that recovers quickly from interruptions.

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