PowerSelf® we offer powerful solutions for protection, integrity and safeguarding of your information and business operation, we manage NMX private cloud computing plans, security, continuity and disaster recovery, complying with high standards, controls and processes; ensuring that your business never stops in the face of any disaster, loss, damage or loss through our powerful and unique technological provisioning and data protection model.

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We are PowerSelf®, 100% Mexican, innovative, reliable and with firm values, with 19 years and great clients who recommend us, extensive experience, technology and multi-continental cloud infrastructure, recovery services and continuity in the face of disasters in a way efficient, reliable and safe.

Services and solutions

easyDRaaS ®

“The ease of protecting your data against any contingency” It is a service that is easy to obtain and implement, adapts to your needs and is always secure, reliable, and robust at a highly competitive cost that integrates the best of VirtualSync, PowerBack, and GigaCloud. It allows you to:
  • Guarantee the operation of the most important systems
  • Have a recovery in minutes
  • Obtain a dedicated and specialized service for the needs of the company.
  • Adaptable in physical, virtual, cloud or hybrid environments
  • Guaranteed availability
  • Compliance with national and international regulations
  • Specialized remote and face-to-face technical support at all times
  • Survey of secondary environment for DRP and restoration in primary site
  • Tests, checks and documentation


Virtualization solution with hyper-converged appliance equipment, capable of renewing the existing platform with licensing included, includes an excellent performance disaster plan.
  • Consolidate multiple physical or virtual servers into one
  • High availability without large investment
  • Save money on costs on licenses, equipment, administration and electricity.
  • Cluster applications and functions that would normally be expensive or impossible.
  • With Hyper-covergent Technology of large Data Center
  • No more migrations and service availability problems
  • With a high performance Disaster Recovery Plan at an unbeatable cost.


Unique Backup Solution with Appliance On-Site Equipment, Online Backups and/or LTO Tape with replication to public and/or private clouds in the client's own branches. Autonomous, efficient, reliable and safe backup, without interfering with your operation.
  • Data recovery in minutes
  • Complies with the Data Protection Law
  • Protection of Critical Information
  • Prevents the spread of private information or depending on your needs
  • Eliminate use of removable media
  • Data replication centralizes in 1 or more locations
  • Each backup process consumes between 2% and 5% of the computer's resource.
  • Preventive solution against attacks, theft and/or data loss.


Our private cloud, 100% Mexican, with National and International standards that will maintain your operation with high levels of SLA guaranteed by contract.
  • Regulatory Compliance NMX and ISO Security and Continuity
  • VPS and VDI 100% Customizable
  • Microsoft SAL Services Licensing included
  • Client access to Full 24/7 monitoring
  • ECS Automated Backups
  • Advanced Cybersecurity with specialized tools
  • High Redundancy in Hardware
  • Remote and On-site Specialized Technical Support
  • Dedicated bandwidths for Low Latency communications
  • Solution and Infrastructure housed in the best DataCenters in Mexico and the World.

Data Bunker Colo-Hosting and construction of Data Centers

Service of space in units, rack, cages, construction and adaptation of computing centers and sites, under international and national standards, where as a solution we shield the physical environment and also the logical environment through a range of technologies that shield the complete environment. These same technologies can be adapted to each customer's own environments.

PowerSelf® high standard service levels:

  • Regulated and protected electrical energy supply
  • Fire detection, extinction and suppression system
  • Energy Storage System (UPS)
  • Emergency plants
  • Redundant HVAC air conditioning system or physical security
  • CCTV system w/ motion recording without blind spots
  • Managed Services:

    Help Desk

    Assistance and technical support in CDP

    NOC Proactive infrastructure monitoring

    SOC Proactive cybersecurity monitoring

DRP service

Recovery process that covers critical data, hardware, and software so a business can restart operations in the event of a natural or human-caused disaster.
  • Highly efficient and effective
  • Reduces operational and financial damage to the organization
  • 100% functional, scalable and adaptable

Alternate Physical and Virtual BCP Site

Specialized solution to work attached to the needs of the client's business in cases of failures or contingencies that affect the production process of the business, it allows you to have a dedicated, reliable and safe specialized alternate site providing the operational continuity that your company needs.
  • Professional Team o VDI according to the needs of the physical and virtual client
  • Multipoint Managed Enterprise Antivirus
  • Switches with IP Technology with IVR
  • Redundant Dedicated Internet with a min. 2 providers
  • Independent furniture for physical and virtual people
  • Redundant IP high availability CCTV system
  • Multi-token biometric authentication system
  • Sites with a min. of 2 alternate routes to land
  • Print on demand system
  • Normalized Systems Under RSI standards of ISO/IEC-20001, ISO/IEC-27001, ISO-22301 and its national counterpart NMX
  • Includes our infrastructure node.
  • Coffee Break Station Service
  • Sites Validated by Civil Protection
  • Sites located in low crime areas
  • Equipped physical and virtual meeting room

Data Vault

Data vaults are designed to safeguard your critical data and belongings for continued operation. We have a dedicated or even armored transfer service and storage of magnetic media or any other device (notebook, USB, hard drives, CD/DVD, etc.), which allows our clients to store safely. With this PowerSelf® service, we help you be in compliance with processes, regulations and certifications for handling and safe storage.
  • Security and CCTV monitoring
  • Control of tape packages
  • Bank-grade security
  • Attention for incidents 7x24
  • Hermetic Packaging per lot
  • Individual drawer per customer with different capacities


Cybersecurity Solution focused on monitoring, resolving and protecting our client’s networks, systems and users.
  • Total coverage and assistance
  • Remote Assistance
  • Technical Support Expansion
  • attacks

Dedicated link

Internet connectivity (dedicated 24/7 guaranteed). Internet solution, between branches and Data Centers permanently at the National Level.Connection that allows you to be connected to the internet to your Cloud infrastructure 24/7/365.
  • High bandwidth capacity, efficiency and quality of service
  • Programmable speed carrier, High Reliability in the links
  • Facilitates the transfer of data from point to point with Total Security
  • Within the LAN Network you can have web servers, e-mail, etc
  • High Tolerance to Faults and atmospheric conditions
  • LAN-to-LAN link to interconnect the cloud solutions to its branches in a private manner and avoiding the interference, latency and insecurity of the Internet medium itself
  • SLA Service Levels Guaranteed in writing

Microsoft PAY-FOR-WHAT-NEED Licensing

SALs allow you to rent a number of primarily Microsoft software products instead of buying them.o High degree of flexibility by being able to modify the number of licenses to meet business needs and projects.
  • Software updates permanently included
  • Payment per month, the number of licenses and for the number of months needed
  • Competitive and stable price without variations by contract
  • Easy management a simple, flexible and cost-effective method of acquiring licenses