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At Application Management, we design and operate digital, hybrid and innovative architecture to boost your company into the future. From the continuous defining, implementation, integration and operation of the digital platforms to their maturity and evolution.

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Founded in 2003, with 2,000+ employees.



IT Services Ecosystem


  • Santa Fe 1 (MEX|1)
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  • Santa Fe 3 (MEX|3)
  • Interlomas (MEX|4)
  • Tultitlan (MEX|5)
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We transform your business with secure and connected intelligent applications.


Artificial intelligence and machine learning


User experience

Transformation of business processes

Integration of intelligent applications

Services and solutions


Automation of repetitive tasks (RPA). We automate business processes through digital assistants that simulate the use of applications similar to human beings. Automattica offers digital assistants for high volume, rule-based, repetitive, monotonous tasks. Digital assistants help by doing dull and repetitive tasks so that humans can focus on tasks with high creative value.


It is an Artificial Intelligence platform that identifies anomalies, foresees events, and takes action in services, applications, infrastructure and physical systems. Prophecy analyses logs, metrics and sensors by Machine Learning algorithms to avoid incidents and improve operation.


A solution geared towards increasing revenue in digital channels and online sales by creating exceptional customer experiences, helping brands stand out and compete in today's customer-centric economy.

Smart Application Management

It allows to achieve 100% availability of the applications, through a management based on Artificial Intelligence that includes the design of hybrid architecture (private, public Cloud, AWS, Google, Oracle, SAP), the provisioning of infrastructure on demand and fine tunning of all components.

Service Desk

It is an integrated service that includes advanced technologies, automation and a superior labor force to provide 24x7x365 customer service. We provide a communication channel with users through a unique case and identification number, applying escalation to resolution groups with a guaranteed SLA. This solution allows us to generate proactive activities focused on both service and revenue growth.


An innovative, consumer-focused service with advanced loT-based applications, Artificial Intelligence, capacity for massive data analysis that can be utilized in different industries.

Remote work management

It is a platform that ensures collaboration, productivity and results in home office models, preventing work teams from spending time and concentration on non-productive or distracting actions (online shopping, social communication, computer games, watching videos, etc.).


It offers agility in managing advance payments, receipts and approvals for travel expenses, including automatic approvals of corporate policies and invoices generated on business trips or special projects. It operates from any web and mobile device in real-time.

FacE Suite

Modular solution for the emission, reception and administration of Digital Tax Receipts via the Internet (CFDIs) in the Cloud.

FacE Bóveda

Improves communication and approval flow with suppliers from the Cloud with the most advanced collaboration portal that allows receiving, validating, approving and tracking documents exchanged with the supplier, such as purchase orders, invoices, credit notes, payment receipts and other CFDIs.

Tax Conciliation

Simplifies the processes to reconcile receipts and invoices registered against SAT information, validating whether customers and suppliers are involved in fraudulent transactions.


We ensure that projects are delivered on time and budget, through a defined methodology with dedicated project managers, standardized metrics and tools, project cost estimate, risk mitigation and ensuring that execution times are solidly supported.

Business Process Automation

Our specialized service complies with the new outsourcing reform which provides different alternatives and options for more efficient payroll systems. BPA streamlines estimates, employee payment processes and reduces errors.

IT Roadmap Digital Business Transformation

We align the technology according to the business requirements through a 12-week strategic consulting exercise that results in an executable plan for the next 3 to 4 years.