We manage IT services through our certified experts, providing secure environments based on processes, technology, and infrastructure to ensure the continuity of your business. Extensive experience in highly complex IT services.

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Founded in 2002, with more than 300 employees.



Network Ecosystem

Cloud Ecosystem

IT Services Ecosystem


  • Santa Fe 1 (MEX | 1)
  • SANTA FE 2 (MEX | 2)
  • Santa Fe 3 (MEX | 3)
  • Interlomas (MEX | 4)
  • Monterrey (MTY | 1)

Our Commercial Offer

  • Application Management
  • Managed Services
  • CyberSecurity
  • DX
  • Cloud Services
  • Telco

Telco Products

Internet by KIO

Direct Internet Access Service or BGP that integrates several operators to increase the level of availability with monitoring functions with proactive actions in events of failure or degradation in Internet trajectories. It has AntiDDoS, DNS, IPv4 and IPv6 protection. Comprehensive services with a single point of contact for reports and communication with us, with SLA for immediate response.


Dedicated interconnection service between entities within KIO data centers. Ideal for replication and DRP environments. We control the trajectories by managing our own MPLS, we have a latency SLA for a better user experience (maximum latency of 7 ms between data centers). It is supported by comprehensive services for a single point of contact and SLA.

Clouds On Ramps

Connect to the cloud with the best latency times and dedicated bandwidth, being in KIO enables you to connect directly to the clouds, we are GOOGLE partners and we have interconnection with MEGAPORT. The connection to the cloud uses our redundant infrastructure and the path to the availability zones is through the cloud network you choose, availability increases by not depending on an operator's infrastructure.

Peering Express

The interconnection ecosystem with the entities found in KIO is available to clients. It has direct interconnection with peerings with which we have a relationship. Check our capacity: , port rental scheme with access to the routing tables announced by the entities.