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Gold Data is a technology company which focuses on telecommunications infrastructure and services that offers international connectivity from more than 17 cities across the USA, connecting them with 35 countries in Latin America and The Caribbean.

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Founded in 2000, with 300 employees.



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  • SANTA FE 2 (MEX | 2)
  • PANAMA (PAN | 1)

Gold Data relies on its strategic PoP’s, diverse sub-sea capacity and its fully-award-owned network to deliver the complete end to end solution to and from Latin America and The Caribbean for MNCs, global carriers and OTT customers.

We are able to provide high quality, direct connectivity throughout The Americas and the Caribbean, interconnecting more than 156 PoP’s and 28 Data Centers.

At Gold Data, not only do we understand the importance of digital platforms, but we also know how important it is that they are always connected. Our clear and ultimate mission is to offer reliable and personalized connectivity solutions to empower the digital world of your company.

Founded in the year 2000, with a clear mission to offer reliable and personalized connectivity solutions for multinational companies and global Telcos.

Services and solutions

Gemini, Mirrorhaul Technology

Gemini, Mirrorhaul Technology, is the only solution that allows you to deliver ethernet services or protected high-capacity services, without any type of loss when balancing or changing routes.

This one-of-a-kind solution works like a mirror and is made possible by simultaneously transmitting the same traffic through both routes, avoiding the flaps that can occur in these types of networks when there is a failure.

Especially designed by Gold Data for the: OTT, Financial, Gaming and Video Transport Markets, and for all segments that require high availability.


Gold Data comprehensive Ethernet Solution (EVPL or EPL) offers protected and unprotected point to point and multi point data transport with guaranteed bandwidth and latency. We are able to deliver connectivity ranging from 1 Mbps to up to 100 Gbps.

Our solution will fit any customer requirement or profile, from a wholesale perspective supporting a global carrier, to a financial intuition looking to interconnect regional stock exchange.

International Private Line (IPL)

International connectivity based on DWDM technologies, to guarantee bandwidth and the highest levels of security, connecting all countries in the LATAM region, to support video transport, sensitive information or even backbone connectivity for Telcos, MNC’s and OTT customers.


Gold Data offers dedicated up to 400 Gbps bandwidth fully transparent, point to point between the Americas based on DWDM technology to support most important protocols in the industry (SDH, Ethernet and IP) with single or dual link configurations along with complete diversity between different cable systems.

Dedicated Internet Access

Gold Data offers complete, tried and tested solutions, designed around you, so you’re ready for anything. We offer fast, reliable access to the internet throughout the Americas, our cloud of IP has the most important Tier 1 IP Transit and connections, we have peer with all the content providers. Dedicated bandwidth ranging from 10 Mbps up to 400 Gbps.

Our DIA service is guaranteed, symmetric and supported by our Network operations Center 24/7. Depending on the location, it can be delivered on Fiber Optic or Wireless.


Enter the new universe of connections with Gold Data.
  • The implementation of SD-WAN technology has a positive impact on your business, helping to considerably reduce connectivity costs in franchises.
  • Gold Data replaces traditional networks with SD-WAN, which represents savings of up to 48% in interconnections between headquarters and franchise branches.
  • Gold Data assures you solutions quickly, with correctly implemented SD-WAN technology it offers security, simplicity and total control.
  • Telecommuting and hybrid working have discovered the use of cloud applications and BYOD devices and to meet these needs, broadband networks offer more benefits than traditional MPLS networks.
  • But, these technological changes have uncovered the attack surface of the network and reduced IT visibility, which is why companies need SD-WAN connections.

Cloud Exchange

Gold Data offers direct connectivity to your cloud providers. Organizations are relaying more and more on Cloud platforms to efficiently run their businesses. It is crucial to rely on some of the most stable connectivity routes to ensure all your platforms are running perfectly. By utilizing our circuits, you will be able to benefit from direct connectivity to most of the Cloud providers.

DDoS Protection

Our Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) solution provides network infrastructure security preventing malicious actions and guarantees your network is always running in optimal performance.

Dark Fiber

Gold Data’s Dark Fiber, is a product the provides reliable and secure optical infrastructure to customers that prefer self-manage of network elements. Dark Fiber consists in a NxPairs of continuous optical fiber that guarantee the industry standards, capable to be equipped with a huge transport capacity.