Gcore is an international leader in public cloud and edge computing, content delivery, hosting, and security solutions.

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Founded in 2014




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Our AI-powered cloud solutions and infrastructure are designed to optimize IT operations, reduce costs, and improve performance for businesses, providing them with the tools they need alongside our team's dedicated support. With over 150 points of presence on 6 continents and more than 40 hosting locations, our global infrastructure is strategically located around the world to ensure high availability and low latency. We serve a wide range of customer segments and verticals, including e-commerce, healthcare, finance, gaming, and media, and our services are designed to meet the needs of businesses from startups to large enterprises, making us the preferred provider of cloud and edge computing solutions.

Services and solutions

AI GPU Cloud

Gcore bare metal servers and virtual machines powered by NVIDIA A100 and H100 GPUs. Boost the productivity of your AI tasks with breakthrough performance!
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AI IPU Cloud

Gcore AI Cloud infrastructure powered by Graphcore IPUs, flexible, scalable, and cost-effective solution for accelerating ML. We bring together Graphcore IPUs and the Gcore Cloud services for building AI IPU infrastructure under unified UI and API for ML acceleration. Get started quickly, save on computing costs, and seamlessly scale to massive IPU compute on demand and with ease.
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Cloud Edge Services

Global, powerful, scalable, secure, and reliable hybrid cloud services anywhere in the world.
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Managed Kubernetes

Easily deploy, manage and scale Kubernetes clusters with 99.9% SLA. Now with support for bare metal nodes!
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Next-gen CDN

Global. Fast. Flexible. Make your app fast and responsive for a global audience with Gcore CDN. We provide customers with a first-class edge cloud infrastructure for computing, storing, protecting, and delivering content with delays of no more than 30 ms worldwide.
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Real-time DDoS Protection

All-in-one real-time DDoS protection for websites, apps, and servers. Protect your infrastructure against the most complex and powerful DDoS attacks with Gcore. Introducing a comprehensive protection solution for the network (L3,) transport (L4,) and application (L7) layers, operating in data centers around the world.
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Video Streaming Infrastructure for Leading Industries, scale to 100+ million viewers and beyond. Stream everything from online games to online events reliably in minutes instead of months.
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Web Application Security

Get your web applications and services protected against DDoS attacks (L3, L4, L7), hacking threats and malicious bot activities with an all-in-one web security solution by Gcore.
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White Label Solutions

The ultimate source for comprehensive, fully-customizable White Label solutions ideal for ISPs, IIGs, CSPs, and various partners seeking to extend their brand's reach and aiming for enhanced business scalability.
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