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Flō Networks is a dynamic, innovative, flexible and customer-service-oriented

telecommunications solutions integration company.

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Founded in 2001 as Transtelco, with over 500 employees




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  • SANTA FE 1 (MEX | 1)
  • SAN FE 2 (MEX | 2)
  • SANTA FE 3 (MEX | 3)
  • MERIDA 1 (MER | 1)

Flō Networks is a dynamic, innovative, flexible and customer-service-oriented telecommunications solutions integration company. We specialize in bringing enterprise and carrier services top-class connectivity solutions.

We were born in the internet era to transport broad bandwidths on top of a solid and resilient architecture that allows us to handle the telecommunication challenges that companies face today. We are the provider that connects the most significant number of clouds, peerings and CDNs in Mexico while providing the flexibility to increase bandwidths swiftly.

Our infrastructure handles native connections from our backbone to all the clouds (KIO, Microsoft, AWS, Google, IBM, Oracle, and Alibaba).

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Service and solutions

Dedicated Internet Access

Fast and reliable internet connection. Our Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) provides the speed and reliability your business needs to achieve its digital transformation, with the flexibility to grow as your needs change.

Cloud Connect

Connect directly to the cloud at full speed. Our Cloud Connect solution connects cloud-based services directly to your company’s private network, avoiding network traffic congestion, poor public internet routes, and high latency.

Multicloud Connect

Blazing fast connection to all your clouds. Multicloud Connect allows your company to connect your network to multiple cloud providers or different regions of the same cloud, using a predetermined bandwidth that is shared between the different connections.

Secure Cloud Connect

Protect your data in and out of the cloud.Increase the security of your cloud connections with end-to-end encryption and encrypted tunnels to comply with high-security standards such as PCI DSS 3.2.

Managed SD-WAN

Say hello to smart routing. SD-WAN coverage technology allows virtual connections to securely and efficiently route traffic between business locations, data centers, and clouds.

SD-WAN Advanced Security

Perimeter security for your company's network. Our SD-WAN Advance Security solution incorporates advanced perimeter security and security in the cloud to provide global SD-WAN protection for safe access to the internet and cloud applications.

Private Network

A network made for business. Connect your business locations, data centers, and cloud services through a secure, high-performance, and dedicated ethernet connection.

Network Encryption

Protect your company's data. Our encryption solutions ensure that your company’s high-value confidential data won’t be compromised during transport. Get your company to comply with standards and regulations that require high levels of security by using MACSec or IP VPN solutions.

Voice for Business

Let your company be heard loud and clear. Connect your company’s voice using the SIP standard to communicate through IP-VoIP to get dynamic, transparent communications available from any device with internet access.

Clean Pipes

Defend your company against cyberattacks. Detect, manage and mitigate DDoS attacks in real-time from our network infrastructure. Our mitigation solution combines advanced routing, rate limiting, advanced filtering in layers 3-7, and custom filtering policies based on your business requirements.

Managed Firewall

Full control over your company's network traffic. Our Managed Firewall solution helps detect and mitigate risks, providing transparency and control over your company’s network traffic. Create and review rules and implement security policies according to your needs.

Enterprise WAN

Next-level connectivity for your company. Our Enterprise WAN is a global, layer 3 multipoint (E-WAN) with MPLS technology that allows your business to achieve a high-quality network with virtual private network (VPN) capability.