New Data Center in Queretaro, number 3

We are very excited to announce our Third Data Center in Querétaro!


As of February 23, 2023. KIO has good news! Especially when it comes to growth as a company and teamwork. With the aim of having one more alternative for their business clients and Cloud services, they announce a great expansion with the acquisition of 25,000m2 of land for the construction of their third Data Center in Querétaro.


Do you need energy? KIO has it! KIO is considered one of the most relevant companies in the region that offers the best solutions to its clients and supports them with the necessary technology and the best talent to successfully achieve their goals. That is why our three technological complexes will be strategically located in the El Marqués region, interconnecting and concentrating a unified ecosystem in a "Mega Data Center Campus" where the main telecommunications providers, cloud hyperscalers and IT service providers coexist.


"At KIO we are very proud to continue with our expansion process. Querétaro is a State that will continue to grow as a "Technological Hub" and receive investment in this type of infrastructure. In fact, we are pioneers in the deployment of Data Centers in the region. At KIO we will continue to expand and offer the best services and solutions through our consolidated and unique ecosystem of Data Centers", said Santiago Suinaga Executive Director of KIO Data Centers.




This announcement is in addition to the significant investment that KIO recently announced for a second Data Center, KIO QRO2, which will begin construction in the first quarter of this year, and the investment made in 2022 to strengthen and expand our KIO QRO1 Data Center. The design and construction of KIO QRO 3 is scheduled for 2024.


Its presence in a key state for investments in IT infrastructure and Data Centers such as Querétaro, favors the business strategy, since the geographical proximity and low latency of transactions with leading companies in the industry are strong values and differentiators. of the ecosystem that we will build in the next two years.