KIO brings together  leaders to discuss business success through digital acceleration.

  • This second edition of KIO Think & Transform was attended by Alfa Romeo F1® Team ORLEN to explain how they use data, analytics and technology to their advantage.


  • Distinguished companies in digital transformation such as: BIVA, Coppel, INTERprotección, Cinépolis and LinkedIn participated in the event.


  • Startups such as Jüsto and Runa, explained how they have changed the rules within entrepreneurship, thanks to the adoption of new technologies such as automation, advanced analytics and artificial intelligence.

October 26, 2022 - KIO Networks held, for the second consecutive year, KIO Think & Transform, a space for dialogue with leaders of large companies in Mexico who shared their experience in the adoption of several technologies to continue with their digital acceleration and thus, ensure the success of their businesses. This year, the theme was Business acceleration in a slowed-down world, in which startups also participated and shared their experience in innovating and adapting to the needs of their customers, as well as best practices with which they changed speed to become consolidated companies. 

Likewise, Alfa Romeo F1® Team ORLEN, through its Managing Director, Alessandro Alunni Bravi, spoke about how the team uses data, analytics and technology to innovate and maintain success in the sport.

"We are very pleased to have organized this event for the second consecutive year. Within an international landscape of fast change, it may seem complicated to accelerate deep transformations in companies, however, at KIO Networks we are committed to support organizations and offer them the best services and solutions in technology to continue with their digital acceleration and the fulfillment of their business objectives," said Jorge Sapién, CEO of KIO Networks. 

Likewise, Sapien recalled that digital acceleration is a continuous process, where technology is the responsibility of absolutely everyone in a company, so having the tools and the best talent within organizations becomes urgent to be competitive and face present and future challenges.

Alessandro Alunni Bravi, Managing Director of Alfa Romeo F1® Team ORLEN and Valtteri Bottas, Driver of Alfa Romeo F1® Team ORLEN, talked about how the team has turned to technology and data mining to develop advantages in an environment where fractions of a second are critical to results: "As a Formula 1 team, we are a large group and the most important thing for us is efficiency in our processes. Technology is the key to the team's development and decision making in all our areas".