Networks inaugurates the fifth and last data hall of its Data Center Campus Querétaro 1

  • This last Data Hall represents an addition of 20% in megawatts (MW) of capacity to the most powerful data center in the country, KIO-QRO 1, making it the most modern and robust.


  • The success of KIO-QRO 1 has led to the design of the second campus, KIO-QRO 2, which will bring at least double the additional MW to this iconic technology campus.

    February 21, 2022 - KIO Networks, the Mexican market leader in Data Center and Information Technology Infrastructure, has inaugurated the last and fifth Data Hall (computer room) of its Querétaro Campus 1 (KIO-QRO 1), which represents an addition of 20% in megawatts (MW) of the current total capacity. In dimensions, this space is equivalent to approximately three soccer fields.

    A little more than 20 years ago, KIO Networks decided to pioneer the installation of Mission Critical Data Centers in our country, and in 2006 decided to install in Querétaro the largest and most robust campus, with the highest technological and infrastructure capabilities, which continues to this day. 

    For Querétaro, the Data Center industry initiated by KIO Networks, represents a great opportunity for the development of digital infrastructure. Today, the operations of the KIO-QRO 1 campus continue to be a benchmark in the sector from the same place where the cloud operations of thousands of companies in the country and on a global scale are supported.

    "We are very excited to inaugurate the latest addition to our KIO-QRO 1 Data Center, infrastructure that we completed and delivered immediately and in its entirety to customers who contracted such capacity since it began. The demand for our services reaffirms that Querétaro continues to be a strategic city to offer digital technologies and ecosystems that have supported the business continuity of our customers," said Santiago Suinaga, Director of KIO Data Centers. 

    “In recent years, information technologies and digital ecosystems have become the backbone of social and business support, which has generated greater demand for what we do. Therefore, this state-of-the-art project, in terms of design, architecture and equipment, has been very attractive for national and international clients, mainly for sectors such as banking, finance and telecommunications”.

    Finally, Suinaga highlighted that the success of KIO-QRO 1 will give way to a second campus in that city, KIO-QRO 2, estimating that the latter will double the current space capacity and will also have at least twice the MW of the iconic Campus 1, which will make it one of the most modern and robust campuses in Latin America.

    "KIO Networks has become a standard in the computer center industry in the country, as long as we continue to make investments and strengthen these types of efforts, we will maintain the leadership that has characterized us, not only for being a team of experts, but for the quality of our facilities and infrastructure, level of robustness and operational capacity that puts us at the forefront of the country's digital economy," concluded the executive