Voice Assistants: Artificial Intelligence with great business value

Nowadays, many of us have used some of the most common voice assistants in the market, different have been the bets of each of them as well as their application and functionality. A survey conducted by the firm OpusResearch reveals that approximately 67% of respondents (business leaders in 8 key industries) had already invested in voice assistants through mobile apps and smart speakers.

The adoption of these technologies has accelerated thanks to the pandemic, however, this technology had already established its place before all this. Advances in Artificial Intelligence, as well as the IoT have given rise and have been the door for the expansion and growth of voice assistants. 

Among the main features that these assistants have, it stands out that they can talk with software and applications to give commands and receive answers. Natural language processing( NPL), Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence as well as speech recognition are some of the core technologies that have accelerated and boosted the development of such assistants. Taking advantage of all this, companies today already use different AI voice assistants to improve the experience of their services towards their customers, with this they seek to improve their sales and have greater growth.

What are the different uses of these smart assistants?

Likewise, in this research report, the global voice assistant market is expected to reach a market value of $ 7,302.4 million by 2025. Voice assistants are not only a tool for individual users, but also for commercial companies. So companies can use a wide range of assistants already available to provide information to the customer, improve the experience, their human workforce and much more. 

Among the reasons why companies are betting on this technology, the ones that stand out are customer service (81%), sales (52%) and store operations and marketing and advertising (38%). The finding of the report is correct, as companies are focusing on the customer today.

Finally, various industries are incorporating this technology in search of the benefits they provide. Over the next few years there will be more attendees that we will meet in the various services we already have. Imagine someday being able to do most of our activities through voice assistants, sounds great, doesn't it?