KIO Networks: An Excepcional Company

In a world that will never be the same again, and after witnessing a pandemic that tested us as individuals and as a society, it is comforting to know that what most distinguishes us as a species is our tendency to support others.


For this reason, at KIO Networks we are proud to have been distinguished as an Exceptional Company by the Consejo de la Comunicación (Communication Council) and the Instituto para el Fomento a la Calidad (Institute for the Promotion of Quality), which recognizes organizations for their outstanding practices during the health crisis, highlighting their solidarity, leadership and innovation.


This recognition has the objective of disseminating the success stories that have arisen on the path to continuity and the economic reactivation of Mexico in order to learn from them. And in this sense, it is important to emphasize that for each area in which we participate, a series of umbrella initiatives were developed to cover it. 


Thus, for the New Ways of Working category, our award-winning practice was “Tomorrowland”, which included activities (such as cultural webinars, KIO Runners and Take a Break), celebrations, the development of an app that streamlines internal communication (and effectively solves problems remotely and strengthens teamwork), surveys to identify the needs and perceptions of employees, and the evolution of “SER-K DE TI” (which is read "Close to You" in Spanish), a television program in which between 600 and 1,500 KIOs, family members and friends talked about technology, transformation, innovation, creativity and leadership.


The other category in which we were honored was Social Commitment for the initiative “Conectados con el corazón” (Connected from the heart), with which we established a new form of participation among our collaborators: KIO Networks Online Corporate Volunteers, through which we set up video calls to accompany those who were in charge of operations at sites that were critical for the continuity of our services, and we also spent time online with older adults and helped those who had difficulties with technological tools. 


In addition, through KIO Networks Corporate Volunteers we delivered furniture to set up an area free of COVID-19 for residents at the Salvador Zubirán National Institute of Medical Sciences and Nutrition, and we distributed lunches for a month to the staff of the Gea González Hospital and the Pediatrics and Specialties Hospitals of the 21st Century National Medical Center, as well as masks at different health centers in Chihuahua, San Luis Potosí, State of Mexico and Chiapas. Even the KIOs joined in by acquiring and delivering more than a thousand care packages for nursing staff at various hospitals in Mexico City.


As for the Adoption of Digital Tools, “Take IT Serious” was awarded for our SPOT's: SERVER & OS, a series of robots with which we achieved greater agility and autonomy; as well as for the development of an intelligent app to control and monitor access to facilities, which minimizes the risk of contagion and guarantees the safety of employees, customers and suppliers.


In the fourth category, Response and Adaptation Strategies, “SHIFT” was distinguished for the creation of the Covid Committee supported by health experts, the assignment of a work modality to each employee in accordance with their functions, the creation of the “New ways of working at KIO Networks” manual, the Mediclub tele-appointment service and the app that gives each KIO access to information related to their medical insurance called KIO Benefits. All of this without forgetting about our automation of internal processes and the implementation of the virtual tour of our Data Centers.


“Since the pandemic began, we have prioritized the well-being of our employees and applied the Low Touch Economy methodology to identify whether our services are effective for each of our clients and determine strategic activities to guarantee their continuity. These have been challenging times, but each of us in the organization has brought out their best; these distinctions are a way of honoring each person's dedication,” says Erika Domínguez Galvan, Corporate Communication & Chief Strategy Officer at KIO Networks.


This is how, in this new normal, we at KIO make it possible.