The professions and trades of the future, how prepared are you?

Have you ever heard a child say - when I grow up "I want to drive a trailer", and pretend to "build" it? with his imagination he built and also drove it?


Well, that dream has already reached us, I am talking about driving almost any car remotely. Surely you have heard on some sites, blogs, videos, conversations, about new technology careers and that everyday tasks will be replaced by robots. I think that observing the exponential growth of technologies, it is undeniable.


However, the question that we should be asking ourselves is: How do I fit into these new careers, professions or trades using technology? How should I prepare to continue in the labor field?


Today I am bringing you the job of remote driver, I will try to answer some questions:


How does remote driving work?


Here I can tell you that there is good news, you have time to train (although not much) if the job catches your attention, since this activity requires the 5G network to be carried out (we have already talked about it in other articles of this evolution of the internet network).


According to an Expansión article regarding the penetration of this network, we are almost starting in Latin America, - by 2025 a coverage of 25% is expected, that is, one in four connections will be found in a network of this type. However, this adoption in some regions of the world, such as Latin America or Africa, will have a more cautious growth -


What is the first thing needed to start this activity?


In order this system works, most of the territory where the service is to be offered must be covered with the 5G network. This 5G network has a much lower latency than 4G helping the reaction speed, being even higher than human. Latency has a very high importance and impact when talking about remote driving, so we will have to wait for the advancement of this technology in most of the globe.


One of the brands that is heard loudly in this field of remote transportation is the Swedish company EINRIDE, they are already in tests with the first person who is being trained, Tiffany Heathcott. The goal is that she, along with other colleagues who know how to drive this type of heavy vehicle, can first feed the algorithm, train themselves, and then train and supervise other drivers who will be providing this service.


Remote driving is having an evolution that consists of 5 stages:


  • Assisted driving.
  • Partially automated driving.
  • Highly automated driving.
  • Fully automated driving.
  • Autonomous driving.


All of them with their consequent legislative revision, since by not having a responsible driver in the event of an accident, the company that offers the service must be 100% responsive.


Benefits of remote transportation


For the transportation company:

  1. More coverage.
  2. Greater route efficiency.
  3. Cost reduction.
  4. Time saving.


For drivers:

  1. Low incidence of claims.
  2. Better life quality.
  3. More time at home.
  4. Better health.


Becoming autonomous does not mean dispensing with the human element, on the contrary, it is complemented; since it strengthens human capacities with the support of technology.


Let's wait for the future that is getting closer and I ask you again, what are you doing to enter the new roles and activities that will require reinforced knowledge?