New security guide for Data Centers in the UK

The National Cyber ​​Security Center (NCSC) and the Center for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) have recently released a ground-breaking security guide, which lays out a holistic security strategy for data centers with the goal of ensuring that UK online assets are protected.


For the first time, data centers in the UK will have access to a personalized security guide, detailing how to keep such assets safe. This new security guide, offered by NCSC and CPNI, will help data center operators recognize and alleviate any potential security vulnerabilities.


Data: A Valuable Asset


Data is one of the most valuable assets that Data Centers have. However, due to their immeasurable value, data centers represent a tempting target for threat actors both in cyberspace and physically. This guide presents a holistic security strategy that is intended to encourage homeowners to consider how to:



  • The location and ownership of a data center can affect who can gain access to sensitive information or affect strategic operational decisions;
  • Cyber ​​threat actors are constantly developing their methodology to breach defenses;
  • Strong physical security can alleviate covert and forced entry to data assets; Y...
  • Employees are critical to an effective safety culture.

Data center operators have a clear responsibility to protect the data they hold and process; Failure to do so poses a significant financial, reputational and, in some cases, national security risk. Acquiring these responsibilities means understanding the variety of methods that malicious actors could use to compromise a data center both physically and digitally.


Protect the economy and security



Data centers and the data they contain are invaluable to the UK's economy, security and prosperity. Threat actors are constantly looking to evolve their methods to exploit any weakness in data infrastructure security, often at the same time.


To minimize the risk of a breach, it is critical that data center security be viewed holistically with physical, people, and cybersecurity risks considered with other factors, such as where in the world the infrastructure is located.


By doing so, data center owners can better protect their customer data, their business operations and keep the UK's digital infrastructure running. In this period of great uncertainty, there is no better time than now for data center operators to read the full guide and ensure they are better protected.