MyoSuite: Digital musculoskeletal system that allows testing prostheses

MyoSuite is a platform that reproduces in great detail the interaction of bones and muscles in the human body; according to its manufacturer (Meta), it is approximately 4000 times faster than traditional models; and this will be published as open source since it facilitates the creation of medical prostheses.


This Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform for musculoskeletal models has been developed in collaboration with the University of Twente, and under the name MyoSuite, it promises advances in areas such as the creation of prostheses and patient rehabilitation.


This platform, through the use of machine learning, allows solving biomechanical control problems. It does this by unifying motor and neural intelligence, and until now, the use of machine learning has been hampered by the lack of simulation platforms to address biomechanical control problems.


In this sense, the MyoSuite musculoskeletal models are more efficient and scalable than existing models, which allows the simulation of the muscles that make up the human body. And by the way, this platform is much faster than other simulators.




Meta claims to have solved some of the more complex behavior, and these models can also support temporal interactions. Meta anticipates that the results may help address real-world problems, primarily in rehabilitation, prosthetic development, and ergonomics.