Machine Learning in drug development, a breakthrough in Medicine

In one of our previous articles, we addressed the issue of drug creation using Artificial Intelligence for the development of drugs that will help fight COVID-19. Now we will talk about a Boston-based startup that is applying Machine Learning-based computing to help the discovery and development of new drugs whose effectiveness is better against the treatment of diseases.


Valo Health is a Massachusetts-based drug development company that uses human-centric data and Machine Learning to strengthen and drive the drug discovery and development process. Valo Health's Opal computing platform uses available clinical data and identifies the different molecules present to improve therapy outcomes. This ensures that the drug discovery procedure is an end-to-end process and can be used for a large number of diseases.

The main objective of Valo Health is to use Machine Learning in a way in which associations of previously unknown molecules can be identified and brought to light. On the other hand, Valo Health claims that its products could be very disruptive to the industry and provide significant value in equipping people with better and improved treatment alternatives. 

By using this technology for drug development, it reduces the cost and time of the process by half. This organization's technology combines an enormous amount of human data with Machine Learning to allow itself to go from simply making molecules to testing them in a few months. This allows optimization of medical chemistry on a large scale. 


The company is based on the experience and products available from other firms in the market and tries to see them from a completely different perspective, attentive to new opportunities to improve them or even extend them a little more. The company, as of now, is focusing on advancing new drugs, refining its discovery and development engine, and creating new programs.