IoT: Predictions for this 2022

The current pandemic has accelerated the ways of technological development, but what does it hold for the IoT in 2022?. Every day the dependence on the internet is greater, we often see a growing wave of new devices with features that turn them into IoT devices and so this presence is setting the new guidelines in all technology companies.

In that sense, the consulting firm Forrester has determined some objectives that society will develop for this 2022 by investing in new types of connectivity and technology for areas such as medicine, industry and human resources to mention a few, which allows easy integration into the workplace. On the other hand, this will increase the value of companies by obtaining a greater amount of user data.


It is estimated that for the next few years long-distance connectivity will be a key part in communications as options such as Starlink satellites begin to exist, a company that expects interest in this type of technologies to increase by 20% as they are technologies that require lower power.

Let's mention that Starlink is a project implemented by SpaceX, a company created by Elon Musk, who for many is a technology genius and where it is intended to deploy a network of 12K satellites so that anyone can connect from any corner of the world with their device.


In previous articles, we have addressed the improvements that are expected and those that are already happening in the field of medicine. So last year and due to an ongoing pandemic, many people were left at home with chronic diseases without a treatment, undetected cancers and conditions that somehow have not been diagnosed.

That is why technological innovation and the development of portable devices will be valuable to support remote medicine and will increase in its production for subsequent years.


In the same way, another of the areas benefited by this is the Industry, where experiments are being carried out with the integration and repairs of remote machines. In addition, the incorporation of the IoT would not be limited only to the world of work. Last year, manufacturers and distributors adapted to the needs of society to offer their services.

With all this we can see that technological acceleration is happening. The final question is, are we prepared as a society for this?