Do you know what IoB is, and what's the future?

One of the terms that have recently become fashionable is the IoT (Internet of Things) where we can basically define it as a network of interconnected objects (devices) that exchange information and data through the Internet. The evolution and constant expansion of IoT has allowed data stored in the cloud to evolve in a more complex way.

Data collection (BI, Big Data, CDP, etc.) provides valuable insights into customer behaviors, interests, and preferences, and this has been called the Internet of Behaviors (IoB). IoB attempts to understand the data collected from users ' online activity from a behavioral psychology perspective. And it aims to look for and address the question of how to understand data so that we can apply that knowledge to create and market new products, all from a psychological perspective.

Consequently, for a company to carry out IoB is technically simple, but psychologically complex. It requires statistical studies that map everyday habits and behaviors without fully revealing consumer privacy for ethical and legal reasons.

In addition, IoB combines existing technologies that focus directly on the individual, such as facial recognition, location tracking and Big Data. It is therefore a combination of three fields: technology, data analysis and behavioral psychology.