Maxihost and KIO Networks: The best of both worlds, physical and virtual.


We live in an increasingly digitized world, in which all trends seem to point towards virtualization, the leading star in the technological "play" of our times. Therefore, it is not uncommon for us to leave hardware overshadowed: the behind-the-scenes stagehand in charge of making everything that happens on the digital transformation stage possible.



The truth is that the physical aspect of technology matters. And very much so. For example: unlike virtual servers, which allocate part of their resources to the operation of their virtualization technology, a dedicated server allows you to enjoy all the physical resources that the machine as such can offer: RAM, storage, and computing power.  

In the Cloud Computing universe, this solution is known as Bare Metal, where the physical availability of the machine's resources stands out, as opposed to what happens in the case of traditional solutions based on virtual instances.


Combining the physical with the virtual can generate unparalleled advantages. It is for this reason that Maxihost (a company with headquarters in Brazil, with PoP in Chile, New York, Miami, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Sydney, and with Europe and Asia on the horizon) joins forces with KIO Networks and arrives in Mexico to offer dedicated servers, whose use is entirely destined to a single client to have all the physical resources of the equipment at their disposal.  

For this project, we sought data centers with world-class capabilities. We chose KIO Networks, with a strategically located data center in Mexico City, which offers high availability, redundancy, security, and access to a wide range of local and international network operators. 

With the incorporation of the Mexican territory as part of a global expansion strategy, Maxihost will bring the benefits of the Bare Metal Cloud to a broader audience. In fact, upon launching in this new location, the firm already has more than 20 international clients, most of which reach end-users in Mexico and Central America from Dallas, Texas. 


"Having servers so much closer to targeted users and access to KIO's low-latency networks in the region will enable an enhanced customer experience, whether it's for gaming, streaming, VPN, CDN, or other high-bandwidth applications," said Guilherme Soubihe Alberto, CEO of Maxihost.


Santiago Suinaga, Managing Director of KIO Data Center Services, shares the excitement of welcoming Maxihost into the KIO Networks ecosystem: "This firm offers an impressive range of Bare Metal servers that are unrivaled in Mexico City, including purpose-built machines optimized for particular workloads, such as high-performance, energy-efficient ARM-based servers. Our many existing and future customers will benefit by being able to instantly deploy these powerful Bare Metal offerings by using Maxihost's easy-to-use cloud platform".


That is how KIO Networks' robust ecosystem provides an optimal interconnected platform to create new opportunities for Maxihost's international customers seeking access to the region, in addition to gaining direct access to hundreds of companies, operators, and content providers, through excellent domestic and international high-quality connectivity.


It should not be overlooked that Mexico is the second-largest economy in Latin America, has a modern telecommunications network, and is fast becoming an interconnection hub for digital business, attracting both regional ISPs and international CDNs that require fast, low-latency connectivity to deliver content in the area.





"At KIO Networks, we are thrilled to collaborate with clients like Maxihost to make it possible for our users to deploy Bare Metal servers in Mexico, Central America, and Spain, which means faster speed for any latency-sensitive application, such as gaming, streaming, and web applications," Suinaga points out. 

 This is how Maxihost provides solutions that enrich the KIO Networks digital ecosystem by helping organizations migrate workloads and deliver real-time experiences through the cloud with scalable, low-latency solutions.


For companies looking for power and agility, as well as a highly automated platform, the Bare Metal Cloud model offers a robust option focused on business growth, regardless of their particular sector or location.


The operation and security of your business don't have to keep you up at night: get to know our Marketplace and the interconnection opportunities offered by Maxihost and KIO Networks.

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