Artificial intelligence to facilitate radiological imaging

The year 2020 and the next ones will be marked in our memories and for several generations due to the events that have happened, which have marked this beginning due to uncertainty and bewilderment, where possibly humanity believed itself invincible, invulnerable and perhaps even indestructible. But this changed facing a challenge that was not seen more than 100 years ago with the Spanish flu.

That is why areas such as medicine are taking leaps and bounds including technologies and their advances as tools to counteract the ravages suffered so far and before the new measures to be taken, this has become the perfect ally.


Recently a startup of Hindu origin has used data-driven technology to solve the important and unmet needs of the health sector. Predictable Health, which operates in Bangalore-Karnataka, India, supports the health field by using Artificial Intelligence and machine learning (Deep Learning) to generate visual and quantitative reports from CT scans, which also help to quickly diagnose any chest condition.

Remote medical care or so-called Telemedicine has helped to reduce the gap between doctors and patients. The use of disruptive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and machine learning have reduced this gap by leaps and bounds, allowing unimaginable amounts of data to be analyzed and interpreted in a matter of seconds, making medical care more agile, allowing patients to be followed up and assigned treatment faster.

Predictable Health aims to help people receive quality medical care by allowing them to access the best technology. By gathering a large amount of data, the deep learning algorithm is trained to create healthcare solutions equipped to serve people around the world.