6G: This is how we will see life in 10 years

Efforts in wireless technologies have grown exponentially and billions of devices are expected to be connected in the next technological era, in which connections of 1 TB per second and a latency of 0.1 ms are estimated.

For some, thinking about the future could mean imagining and idealizing some technological changes, but it is true that currently dozens of devices are connected simultaneously in each home. The list of uses and applications that await the new generation of wireless technologies, 6G, is endless. Therefore, in a decade a new technological revolution will begin with billions of connected humans, devices and vehicles. And we think about future advances even when the 5G network is in a process of maturing.

The applications for 6G networks have their eyes on the near future, this advance will allow the exchange of up to one terabyte per second and latency of 0.1 ms.

Although the current network (5G) has allowed us to consume digital media anywhere and at any time, the jump to 6G networks should allow us to integrate into completely virtual and/or digital worlds. It is estimated that for the next decade, intelligence will see a significant leap as it is intertwined with digital technologies. With advances in artificial intelligence, machines can transform data into reasoning and decisions that will help humans better understand and act on our world.

Therefore, it is expected that 6G will enable the internet of the senses, this means that we will be able to experience internet applications using the senses that we as human beings possess. It is also estimated that in the future we will be able to communicate through holograms and work with intelligent surfaces positioned in three dimensions with information on the orientation of objects.

It seems like science fiction and imagine what we have come to see in some movies become a reality, and for example, being able to interact with holograms as we have seen in movies like "Ironman", or going to the supermarket without leaving home and participating in the parallel world that promises the metaverse. Have you ever thought of visiting a virtual store and making your purchases there?

Undoubtedly many of the predictions will be a reality very soon, and it is that with the high transmission speeds that advances in wireless communications imply, they will be able to guarantee us efficient, reliable and real-time communication.

At the end of the day, it's not just about faster speeds or responses, the goals of 6G include improved security based on quantum mechanics, optimization as well as integration with satellite networks and more. This will represent a more fluid experience communicating with each other, and interacting with services and devices.