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Reliable, efficient and secure technology.

In Brief

Ontex, a leading company in the manufacture of personal hygiene solutions, managed to eliminate the problems it had with its ERP, in addition to guaranteeing the operational continuity of its production plant with Prophecy, an Artificial Intelligence solution, and E-xpenses, the expense control system in the Cloud.

Success Metrics

reduction in the TIME

spent on expense analysis.


verification of payments to collaborators.

ERP with a



“A fluid and efficient implementation, done collaboratively. With great capacity for adaptation when we needed precise adjustments at that time.”

Guillermo Orive, IT Director at Ontex México

The Challenge

Streamline business processes

Ontex needed to streamline the ERP that managed the finances and operation of its manufacturing plant, eliminating the intermittencies and slowness that meant its collaborators could not stay connected, creating delays and rework in their daily tasks.

Regularize and improve the supervision of expenses and generation of CFDIs

The leading hygiene products producer also faced obstacles in its management of expenses, which was housed in its ERP. And as if that were not enough, it did not contain the guidelines required to obtain Mexican digital tax receipts via Internet (CFDI, Comprobantes Fiscales Digitales por Internet).

Avoiding untimely verifications and bad experiences

Although users reported their expenses in the company's application, they used to run an additional process that made them waste time, causing the verifications to be generated late. Furthermore, since it was not an intuitive platform, additional effort was invested to provide support to users.

The Solution

E-xpenses Cloud and Prophecy

Ontex decided to incorporate our expense and per diem management system into the Cloud, which allows you to operate in real time from any internet-connected device: E-xpenses Cloud.

With this tool, we were able to adapt the company's expense processes to reduce the time for bank deposits to be made, obtain the guidelines for compliance with SAT regulations and reduce the costs associated with Ontex's IT department by avoiding investment for servers and infrastructure.

After the implementation of E-xpenses Cloud and other solutions such as Prophecy, Ontex's ERP has achieved a Service Level Agreement (SLA) of 100% availability, in addition to reducing 90% of event noise in the alerts during monitoring.

The Results

  • Reduction of 57% in incidents generated by the ERP ticket system.
  • ERP with a 100% availability SLA.
  • Precise alerts, minimizing 90% of event noise.
  • Guarantee in CFDI technical compliance.
  • Annual savings on salaries of (approximately) 1.5 million pesos.
  • 50% annual savings on licensing.
  • 80% reduction in expense analysis time.
  • Payments to employees for verified expenses 70% faster.
  • Annual consulting savings of US$150,000.
  • 93% reduction in expense verification time.

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