Your operations
without interruptions

Discover the solutions that guarantee continuity and regulatory compliance in order to keep your business competitive.


Zero-error processes

Manage your company's “disconnected” digital operations with advanced digital assistants that
eliminate errors and operate around the clock.

Infrastructure and licensing

Platform administration

Robot configuration

24x7x365 Support

ROI of 3x to 14x

Increase productivity

Eliminate human error

Continuous operation all year round

Considerable savings due to cost reduction

Faster and more efficient processes


Predict future problems and solve them

Using the ideal combination of AI and automated actions identify irregularities that can put your business at risk, in time to fix them.

Assessment of the root cause of failures

Increases the stability of systems

Proactive incident management

Identify anomalies in real time

Smart searches for relevant information

SLA increased to 100% availability

50% reduction in incidents

98% reduction in false alert noise

Prophecy Full Stack

From basic monitoring and APM to AIOps and Business Activity, it's all covered


"In the past, it was difficult to load all the invoices we received into the expenses module of our ERP since it was not set up for Mexican regulations. Now, after implementing KIO Networks' solutions, we have achieved a 100% availability SLA."

Guillermo Orive
IT Director at Ontex México

Application Recovery

Applications that are always available

Ensure the continuity of your business with DRP as a Service for your mission critical applications; protect them against failures, data loss and interruptions.

Application instance at alternate site

Application and database replication

Drills and audit support

Operations restored in event of contingency

Return to primary site

Recovery process documentation

Smart Application Management

Agility for your application ecosystem

Make sure your applications are always available and avoid service degradation with this advanced predictive operation model that encompasses Cloud Migration.

Savings of 30-50%

Help desk and support 24x7x365

Licensing and technology (SW/HW)

Advanced DRP and migrations

Platform and database management

100% increase in availability


“In the past, we would lose very valuable minutes while we processed data. And those minutes meant human lives.”

José Antonio Monroy
General Manager of the Mexican Red Cross

Face Suite

All in order with the tax authorities

Establish a healthier relationship with the tax authorities through the best modular solution for the issuance, reception and administration of CFDIs in the Cloud.

Learn about the four modules

FacE Issuance

Generation of CFDIs with a portal for reference

FacE Payroll

Generation of payroll receipts with web portal to share with employees

FacE Client

End client portal to generate and refer to invoices, along with an additional portal for ticket management

FacE Vault

Supplier portal to receive, validate, approve and follow up on electronic invoices

Benefits of FacE Suite

Up to 50% savings on billing models

Identify inadmissible invoices

Reduce administrative expenses

Avoid fines for invalid vouchers

Identify high-risk taxpayers

Improve your relationship with suppliers, customers and employees

Tax Reconciliation

Your ally when dealing with the tax authorities

Simplify your processes to reconcile your registered income and expense vouchers against SAT information and identify simulated operations.

Ease of tax calculation

Identify differences with tax authorities

Reduce penalties for inconsistencies

Reports and Analyses using AI

Identify high-risk taxpayers


What sets us apart

At KIO Networks, we guarantee that your company will get the attention it deserves.


Socially Responsible Company

10 years in a row


Best Mexican Companies

11 years in a row


Projects done properly and on time

Stay within budget and execution time of your most important projects with a proven methodology and professional experts.

Ensure completion time and budget

Identify and mitigate risks in a timely manner

Reduce impact on operations

Reduce implementation costs


Total regulatory oversight

Processes ensured under the standards established in the General Administrative Manual on Information and Communication Technologies and Information Security (MAAGTICSI).