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Your success
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We build an effective digital transformation strategy with technological solutions and a solid infrastructure to implement your plans for innovation and growth.


Reach your goals with KIO

  • World-class Data Centers

  • Mastery of highly complex and mission-critical IT operations

  • Ad-hoc geographic coverage serving the largest IT user base

  • Certified Industry Specialists

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The key to your digital transformation

The largest digital ecosystem in Mexico with Data Centers that guarantee the continuity, latency and innovation that your organization requires to provide high-impact services and solutions.

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Customer Success

Find out what our clients think about the solutions that KIO provides.

“Having an ally like KIO has taught us that this can be done. And that as an institution we can have access to vital information more quickly.”

José Antonio Monroy
General Manager of the Mexican Red Cross

“A fluid and efficient implementation, done collaboratively. With great capacity for adaptation when we needed precise adjustments at the time.”

Guillermo Orive
IT Director at Ontex México

“This is yet another one of our achievements. It is the result of everything we do, especially with the talent, experience, discipline, and knowledge for which we are known. We are perfectly prepared for the future.”

Sergio Rosengaus
Chairman of the Board of Directors & Founder KIO Networks Group


Articles, news and best practices to keep you up to date on technology and innovation.

  • Find out how a Data Center with a great diversity of companies allows you to create faster services and a better experience for your users.

  • We are the first company in the world with this certification! This corresponds not to an individual Data Center, but rather to the entire network, guaranteeing the quality of our infrastructure.

  • In the face of the pandemic, we had to be resilient and supportive in order to maintain business continuity and to support the well-being of our collaborators.

  • The Cloud has an immediate impact on companies: it eliminates the initial investment in RPA, AI and Machine Learning technologies.