Kubernetes KaaS

Develop software and applications without interrupting your services.

Innovation that never stops

With Kubernetes from KIO, your applications will always be available. The applications are available while developers implement new versions, and updates are published efficiently without any down time.

Benefits include:

  • Applications in containers are guaranteed to run when executed - at any time.
  • Production-ready platform
  • High Availability
  • Container orchestration across multiple hosts
  • Logical and physical scalability
  • Expense optimization
  • Sovereignty over your data with a platform installed in KIO

Ebook “The Cloud industry in Mexico”

In the following ebook we present the Cloud landscape, the main players and how companies can take advantage of the benefits of this technology.

Focused on yours goals
Concentrate on the results, we'll concentrate on the technology
A disaster recovery plan so your operations are never interrupted.
Back up your data without investing in hardware or expensive infrastructure.