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We are specialists in cloud computing solutions. We help companies detect, resolve, improve and innovate their technological requirements through the design, implementation, and operation of solutions based on the cloud. 

Your information on the cloud is always available, whether it's public, private, or hybrid.

We develop platforms operated by our talented staff, with certifications and the necessary processes to offer the easiest and quickest road to adopting the cloud and building the infrastructure that your company needs.

Founded in 2005, with 2,000 employees.



  • Cloud On-boarding. We help organizations migrate to the public cloud using a specialized strategy and a framework aligned to each phase of the journey to the cloud. We secure operations and enable critical elements such as optimization, performance, scalability, flexibility, reliability, security, and operational excellence.

  • Disaster Recovery & Backup. Data protection and business continuity through backup and recovery solutions to rapidly restore access to the information after an interruption.

  • Cloud-Native Transformation. We help modernize and transform the technological needs of organizations with the help of components that can improve your applications, gaining greater flexibility by changing your legacy computing to Cloud-native environments. 

  • Modern Workspace. A solution designed to modernize and transform work environments in organizations, fueling improved efficiency in work teams through innovative tools focused on achieving an effective digital transformation. Operations are improved from the different operational edges of the organization, such as office automation, communication, teamwork, business processes, personal computing, management of work activities, interaction with business partners and clients, team management, and internal social interaction.

Use cases

  • Migration

    • Relocate: It quickly relocates virtualized workloads towards any public cloud and maintains consistent operations.

    • Rehost: Allows moving workloads from a current environment to the public cloud, adapting the services under a cloud infrastructure.

    • Replatform: When moving workloads, platform changes are made to achieve tangible benefits without changing the core architecture.

    • Repurchase: Upgrade to a newer version, a different solution, or change the service model for a new one with more significant benefits or improvements.

    • Refactor: Applications are now more efficient, scalable, and secure, using modern architectures based on high-performance native components.

  • Disaster Recovery

    • Backup & Restore: We offer various backup options, which is imperative for finding the right fit for your organization, depending on your requirements. 

    • Pilot light: We replicate data from one region to another and provide an infrastructure copy. The resources required to support data replication and back-ups, such as databases and object storage, are always active. Features such as application servers are loaded with configurations but are turned off. 

    • Warm Standby: We ensure that a fully functional copy of your production environment exists in another region. This approach extends the Pilot Light concept and reduces recovery time, and your workload is always active in another area. 

    • Multi-Site: You can run your workload simultaneously in multiple locations. With a multi-site approach, users can access their workload in any of the regions in which it is deployed. This approach is the most complex and costly for disaster recovery but can reduce recovery time to near zero for most disasters with the correct implementation and technology choices. 

    • Application Transformation: It allows to design, create, and maintain the software to take advantage of the benefits provided by the different Cloud tools, increasing security and scalability, building and deploying products and/or services with greater speed and agility.

  • Business Process Automation

    • Digital workflows: They allow you to collaborate and work together, creating flowcharts, organizational charts, website schematics, UML designs, mind maps, and prototypes with a wide range of options.

    • Agile applications: Enables fast and effective decision approach in iterative and incremental projects where requirements and solutions evolve over time.

  • E-Signature

    • Authorizations: Provides digital legal authorizations.

    • Digital Contracts: It grants legal validity through a digital signature, speeding up the contractual process. It also makes contracts electronically available to employees at their place of work.

    • Paperless: Go paperless by digitizing company documents and work in an environmentally friendly manner, reducing your carbon footprint on the planet.

  • End-User Computing

    • Business Desktop: Maximizes productivity in the cloud through remote desktops that enable mobility through remote work in Windows and Linux environments living in the public cloud.

    • Cloud-based devices: Equipment designed and optimized for maximum utilization of remote desktops through a reliable connection. 


The best team of experts is backing you. Our professional services focus on properly enabling the platforms and tools selected in the strategy to achieve the proper functioning and the best user experience, accelerating the adoption, and guaranteeing the operation of the solution.

  • Cloud Design. Our certified engineers comprehensively integrate and configure the different platforms and tools based on best practices.

  • Cloud Setup. Transfer of data between multiple origins and destinations through the appropriate tools and processes, guaranteeing the integrity of the information.

  • Cloud Migration. Consultancy services specialized in organizational change management, focused on the correct reception and adoption of technological platforms, using methodologies and strategies focused on the human factor.

  • Cloud Connect. We train your employees through courses and workshops, following each phase of our 360º model.

  • Cloud Management. We provide technical assistance and incident management on the implemented platforms.

  • Technical Account Manager. Our specialists in modern work environments act as a valuable extension to work teams, bringing their extensive experience in detecting areas of opportunity to optimize your services.

  • Discovery & Assessment. We evaluate the assets, systems, and processes whose unavailability would directly impact the organization. We conduct a Business Impact Analysis (BIA), defining concepts such as Recovery Time Objective (RTO), Recovery Point Objective (RPO), and Maximum Tolerable Downtime (MTD).

  • Continuity Strategy Design. We generate a comprehensive business continuity strategy, including operational recovery plans and technical work procedures, to avoid contingencies that irreversibly degrade the organization.

  • Legacy Transformation. Our engineers offer a solution of tools to transform and modernize, through Cloud components, legacy applications to modern, automated and agile applications.

  • Cloud Modernization. Acceleration of software deployments through microservices-based architectures.

  • Change management. Consultancy services specialized in organizational change management, focused on the correct reception and adoption of technological platforms, using methodologies and strategies focused on the human factor.

  • Training. We train your employees through courses and workshops following each phase of our 360º model.

  • Support. We provide technical assistance and incident management in the implemented platforms.


Cloud Ecosystem

Location in KIO

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Tultitlan (MEX|5)
Queretaro (QRO|1)
Monterrey (MTY|1)
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