Jetson: Laser capable of identifying people by their heart rate

Technological advances are increasingly being applied in various fields, and without a doubt, the heart of each of the inhabitants around the world is different. The same goes for the Iris or fingerprints. Our heart rhythm (signature) is unique and can be used as a way to differentiate ourselves. The surprising thing is that it could be done at a considerable distance.

Jetson is part of a project where U.S. special forces UU. they are working. Other far-reaching biometric techniques include analyzing and how to identify someone by the way they walk. It is worth mentioning that an individual's heart rate is unique and, unlike faces or the way they walk, it remains constant and cannot be altered or masked.




In addition, this device can identify people without seeing their face: instead, it detects their unique heart rate with an infrared laser. While it works at a distance of up to 200 meters, longer distances could be possible with a better laser. This is according to Steward Remaly of the Pentagon's Counterterrorism Technical Assistance Office.


Contact infrared sensors are often used to automatically record a patient's pulse. They work by detecting changes in the reflection of infrared light caused by blood flow. Jetson, by contrast, uses a technique known as laser vibrometry to detect surface motion caused by heartbeats. This works with typical clothing such as a shirt and sweater, although not with thicker clothing such as jackets or coats.


Recognition through heart rhythm is already used for security identification in various fields. Such is the case of the Canadian company Nymi, who has developed a watch-shaped pulse sensor as an alternative to fingerprint identification.